What is The Cause of My Pharyngitis?

Pharyngitis, which some know as a ‘sore throat,’ is inflammation of the pharynx and usually occurs at the back of the throat. Pharyngitis is easily treatable, but it does cause mild discomfort such as severe itchiness. The inflammation can also make it difficult to swallow certain foods and liquids. Pharyngitis stems from different bacterial and viral infections such as measles, cough, chickenpox, flu, and croup.  Urgent care centers provide effective care to treat Pharyngitis symptoms. If you want to learn more about Pharyngitis treatment, read on.

Key Difference between Pharyngitis and a Sore Throat

There is no distinct difference between a sore throat and Pharyngitis as they are the same thing. Despite being two separate terms, they refer to inflammation in the throat. The only key difference is that Pharyngitis occurs in certain parts of the throat, such as the rood of the mouth, tonsils, and the back of the tongue.

Where to Get Pharyngitis Treated

If you want to seek professional care, you can easily get treatment at an urgent care center. The staff at urgent care center will help reduce the severity of Pharyngitis symptoms and prescribe medication that will improve your condition. In very rare cases, if your condition fails to improve, you will have to undergo thorough diagnosis and examination by your doctor. After this, they may suggest a medical procedure to alleviate discomfort and bring relief.

You can easily treat Pharyngitis at home by practicing a few measures that act as home remedies. The best remedy is to gargle using warm salt water at least thrice a day. This method gives instant relief from the sourness and itchiness. You can also continue to drink warm fluids like herbal tea and warm milk to soothe your itchy throat.

Other Treatments

  • Medications such as Tylenol, and ibuprofen
  • Get ample amounts of sleep
  • Get some steam to make breathing easier
  • Use a vaporizer and apply some on your throat


Suppose you want to seek immediate relief form Pharyngitis and feel like your symptoms are getting worse. If so, it’s best to visit an urgent care center. They will provide the right treatment options and conduct a proper diagnosis to be sure of your condition. Using the above-mentioned measures will surely help with your current symptoms, and this way, you can help someone suffering from the same infection.