Seasonal Urgent Care in Thornton, Broomfield & Westminster, CO

The seasons are a force to be reckoned with in the state of Colorado, with all four leaving their unique mark each year. From hot, dry summers to snowy, cold winters, there are a number of conditions that can affect patients in Thornton, Broomfield, Henderson, Westminster and the surrounding communities year-round. AFC Urgent Care Thornton offers seasonal care and treatment for illnesses and injuries seven days a week to walk-in patients. 

What kind of treatment can I get for seasonal conditions?

AFC Urgent Care Thornton offers treatment for acute illnesses and injuries as well as seasonal conditions seven days a week. Some of the care we offer includes:

  •  Annual flu vaccinations starting in September
  • Treatment for cuts, breaks and sprains
  • Rashes, skin irritation and insect bites
  • Treatment for upper respiratory infections and viruses including the common cold, flu, sore throat and strep throat

Year-Round Seasonal Allergy Treatment 

Our urgent care center can also provide treatment for those who suffer from mild to moderate seasonal allergies year-round. If you are experiencing a non-life-threatening reaction, visit AFC Urgent Care Thornton for treatment. Some of the allergens that may trigger a reaction include:

  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Dust
  • Dander
  • Ragweed
  • Freshly-mowed grass
  • Certain food and candy ingredients
  • Shellfish

Some allergens can affect patients more at different times during the year. Reactions to pollen are more common in the spring and early summer mornings, while mold and mildew can lead to more of a reaction during colder months, when you are spending more time indoors. If you begin to experience life-threatening symptoms including chest and throat tightness or difficulty breathing, you should visit your local emergency room immediately.

Seasonal Care & Allergy Treatment in Thornton, Broomfield & Westminster, CO

If you are suffering from seasonal allergies, beginning to catch a case of the sniffles or exhibiting symptoms of the flu, visit AFC Urgent Care Thornton for walk-in diagnosis and treatment! Our center offers walk-in hours seven days a week, and most insurance carriers are accepted. If you have questions about treatment options, please call 720-751-2910.