Planning a Safe Halloween for Your Family

Halloween is quickly approaching, and this year things are going to look a little different. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all aspects of life this year, including how holidays can be celebrated. Since Halloween involves a lot of high-risk activities and exposure to others, seeking out safer alternatives can help you stay safe this year. 

Low-risk activities for this fall

Key aspects to staying safe and avoiding COVID-19 and the flu this fall are practicing social distancing and wearing a protective mask or face covering. For activities that involve going into public areas, gloves and hand sanitizer are highly recommended to prevent germs from spreading to your hands and killing germs that linger between your fingers and under your nails. Some of the activities that are considered low-risk include:

  • Decorating or carving pumpkins with your family at home. If your children are young, you should handle the knife for them and have them carve out their design. A safer alternative is decorating the pumpkins with non-toxic, safe paints. 
  • You can decorate your home to match the holiday. You can get bats, skeletons, witch’s brooms and other festive objects available at department and big box stores, or even cut them out with colored construction paper. You can also hang banners and store-bought artificial cobwebs around your home with orange holiday lights for a more spooky feel. 
  • Instead of bringing your children house-to-house to go trick-or-treating, organize a scavenger hunt within your own home! Hide candy and other prizes around the home under couch cushions, behind television sets and in cabinets, with bigger prizes for the winner. 
  • Still want a way to spend time with your friends safely? Schedule a virtual costume party to show off your outfits over video chat!     

Moderate risk, outdoor activities that can be done in fall

There are several types of activities that have moderate COVID-19 exposure risk this fall that you can alter in order to participate safely. One-way trick-or-treating is a way to participate in Halloween without the risk of going door-to-door and being exposed to strangers. In order to participate in one-way trick-or-treating, you can create goody bags ahead of time with candy and trinkets. The goody bags can be lined along your driveway or yard for trick-or-treaters to take. Make sure you wear gloves when assembling the bags and to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after handling candy. 

What should I avoid this fall?

High-risk activities that should be avoided are haunted houses where participants and spectators are not wearing masks and screaming and traditional, door-to-door trick-or-treating. Both of these activities are prohibitive to social distancing measures and provide a higher risk of exposure if near someone who is positive for COVID-19. 

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