Can My Child Go to Summer Camp During COVID-19? 2021 Edition

The summer of 2020 was not great for kids or their parents. Almost all summer camps were closed to limit the risk of exposure to covid-19. That left parents at home with their kids struggling to find a way to use up their seemingly never-ending energy. Thankfully, 2021 has allowed things to go almost back to normal. People are returning to work, businesses have reopened, but what about summer camps? 

Are Camps Open? 

It’s impossible to say that every single camp that was open before covid is open now, but a lot of them are! The easiest way to know if your child’s summer camp is open this year is to contact the camp directly. Legally, camps have been allowed to reopen in most states. Camps are encouraged to follow the CDC guidelines for covid-19 safety to keep campers and the staff as safe as possible. 

COVID-19 Safety 

COVID-19 safety varies some from one state to the next and will likely continue to change as the number of cases fluctuate. Some general guidelines your child may have to follow at summer camp include: 

  • Masks – children who aren’t vaccinated are encouraged to wear masks indoors. Luckily, they can be mask-less for outdoor camp activities. 
  • Social distancing – the CDC encourages camps and schools to keep children 3 foot apart when they’re inside. This will affect seating arrangements in the dining hall, the number of campers in a cabin, and other indoor activities 
  • Screening – your child may be screened before entering the camp. This applies to camp staff too. Screening typically includes a temperature check and a few questions that identify anyone who’s at a high risk of carrying the virus. 

In addition to the camp COVID-19 guidelines, talk to your child about covid-19 safety before they go to camp. Discuss the proper handwashing technique and how frequently they should be washing their hands. Explain why the camp policies are so important and that they need to follow them if they want to attend summer camp. 

Can My Child Get Vaccinated? 

COVID-19 vaccines are available to anyone over the age of 12. If your child is over the age of 12 and you want to get them vaccinated before camp, visit a local urgent care center. If your child is under 12 and you’re concerned about them not being vaccinated, ask the camp if their staff members are vaccinated as an added layer of protection. 

Take your child to an urgent care center today for their summer camp physical! Most summer camps require a physical to ensure your child can safely participate in all planned activities. You can use the physical as a time to ask any questions you have regarding covid-19 too!