Back-to-Work COVID-19 Testing in Thornton, CO

Businesses across Colorado, including Adams and Weld County, are slowly beginning the process of reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic initiated shutdowns worldwide. As offices, businesses and schools prepare to reopen for the first time in months, owners and managers will be looking for ways to ensure that employees and customers are kept safe. AFC Urgent Care Thornton is able to coordinate COVID-19 diagnostic testing for local businesses and employees to ensure all returning staff is not currently infected with the novel coronavirus.       

What testing is available for patients returning to work?

There are two types of COVID-19 tests available for employees as they prepare to return to the workplace.

PCR swab testing is available for patients who will need confirmation that they currently do not have the virus. A gentle swab is taken of the lower nasal cavity and then brought to our partner lab for processing. Results are available within a few days. In order to be tested for COVID-19 and get clearance to return to work, patients must be asymptomatic and have had at least two weeks passed since their previous positive COVID-19 test.  

Antibody testing is available for patients who have not exhibited any symptoms of COVID-19 or exhibited symptoms before testing became more widely available. A blood draw will be taken and brought to the lab, where technicians will search for the presence of antibodies, an immune response to the virus generated about fourteen days after the body has healed. Results are available within 3-5 days depending on lab capacity.                

Return-to-Work COVID-19 Testing in Thornton, Broomfield & Westminster, CO

Contact AFC Urgent Care Thornton today to set up COVID-19 testing for your staff and employees before reopening your workplace. Walk-in testing is also performed in our center seven days a week. Most insurance plans are accepted. For more information or to coordinate testing, please call 720-751-2910.